Global Embedded Software Market by Programming Languages; by Application; by Geography to 2025

Global Embedded Software Market by Programming Languages; by Application; by Geography to 2025

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The report provides forecast and analysis of the global embedded software market. It provides market overview of global embedded software market of in terms of revenue (in US$ Mn). Furthermore, the report includes drivers, restraints, trends and opportunity of the embedded software market and their impact on each country during the forecast period.

Presently, every large mass of mechanical or electrical system has an inbuilt embedded system for a dedicated function usually with real-time computing constraints. These embedded systems include hardware and software as a part of complete device. Embedded software is a special programmed chip inbuilt in the embedded system to control the functions of the system. Globally the market for embedded software is driven by the increasing number of sales of consumer electronics along with the growing investments in the field of automation technology.

There is a huge demand in the market for multimedia products and portable computing devices like tablets, laptops at a global level. Also, there is a steady rise in machine to machine (M2M) communication which is integrated with embedded systems. This leads to a parallel growth of embedded software. The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) and all connected devices is also a major driver for this market. In automotive sector, embedded software has a lucrative opportunity owing to increase in consumer preference for enhanced driving experience and fuel efficiency. Restraints of this market are the security concerns and limited lifespan of the process-related applications of embedded software. Additionally, limitations in designing of embedded systems are also hampering the growth of this industry.

The -201cGlobal Embedded Software Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2025-201d can be segmented into programming languages, application, and region. Based on programming languages, the embedded software market is divided into C, C++, Assembly Language, Java, and .Net. Amongst all these programming languages, java language is estimated to grow at faster growth rate during the forecast period. As compared to other programming languages, java is designed to be less complicated to use and hence, it is easy to learn, write, compile and debug. Java is object oriented which allows the user to created modular embedded programs using reusable codes. Besides this, a significant advantage of java is its ability to move easily from one computing device to another. These benefits provide an edge to java in this segment during the forecast period.

The market based on application can be segmented into Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Radio and Satellite Device. In this segment, consumer electronics holds a dominating position in the embedded software market. This can be attributed to the rising trend of usage of connected devices and wireless technology globally. Government initiatives like installation of smart meters, rise in consumer preference for smart phones, electronic gadgets in developed and developing nations are the driving factors for the dominance of consumer electronics segment in embedded software market. Apart from this, automotive and healthcare segment are estimated to witness a steep rise during the forecast period. Increasing investments for advanced research and technological innovations in these fields are the factors for the higher growth rate of these segments.

The global embedded software market based on the end user is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. The North American market is further segmented into US and Canada. The Europe market is categorized into UK, Germany, and France. The market for embedded software in Asia Pacific is segmented into Japan, China, and India. The Latin American market is categorized as Mexico and Brazil. The Middle East & Africa region is classified as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. The embedded software market report includes market size and analysis for all the above-mentioned regions and countries for programming languages, and end user.

The study also provides information for recent merger and acquisition deals happened in the market. Moreover, the report also includes growth strategies and entry barriers to be considered to cater to the exact business opportunities in this market. Additionally, to aid in strategic decision making, the report also includes competitive profiling of leading players, recent developments in the industry, financial analysis and various business strategies adopted by them. This report will help players in global embedded software market to plan and implement their strategies in different market areas such as emerging geographies, and new technologies.

Both primary and secondary research has been performed during the study. Secondary sources include Factiva, World Bank, and Hoovers, company annual reports, investor presentations, and publications. The key players included in the global embedded software market report are Advantech Industrial Computing India Pvt. Ltd, Emerson Network Power, Enea Software AB, Green Hills Software, IBM Corporation, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Microchip Technology Inc., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and STMicroelectronics among others.